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Udzungwa Mountains

Harbouring one of East Africa’s great forests, Udzungwa Mountain National Park’s biodiversity is by far one of Tanzania’s most special features.

The park covers an area of 1990 sq km, bordered by the Great Ruaha River to the north, with Mikumi National Park and Selous Game Reserve located further to the north and east.

The biologically diverse forest, harboring some plant species found nowhere else in the world is the main attraction of the park. From a tiny plant to 30 meter high trees, the forest is home to some of the unique species of plants.

The grassland, rocks, rivers, waterfalls, flora and fauna contribute their beauty to make the park more attractive. The park provides habitat to almost six different types of primates among which the Iringa red colobus monkey and the Sanje Crested Mangabey are the noted ones.

Apart from this, buffaloes, lions, leopards, elephants, African dogs and different species of birds call Udzungwa Mountain National park their home.

The park is a true hikers’ paradise. An excellent network of forest trails includes Sanje Waterfall, which is 170 meters (550 feet) deep and offers a misty spray into the forested valley below.

"Tanzania - Udzungwa" by Marc Veraart is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Walking safaris to the Sanje River waterfalls is one of the popular activities in this park.

Mikumi National Park is an hour drive to the north and Ruaha National Park is also 4 to 5 hours drive. So during a visit to Udzungwa Mountains National Park, including both the parks and enjoying the game drives is a good choice. Contact us to enjoy the beauty of the park.

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