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Your personal trip

Get Your Safari the way
you want it

Experience the wonders of the African wilderness in the comfort and convenience of a private safari. With a private tour, you can customize the itinerary to your interests and enjoy an intimate and immersive experience with the animals and landscapes. With a private tour, you have the advantage of personalized attention from your guide and the flexibility to explore at your own pace.

Fill the form and get our proposal, or let us know your ideas in the comment field and we will create a proposal exaclty as you want it.

We are also happy to have a video call or Whatsapp Chat

under +49 170 184 7528

pperson in a safari jeep in the savannah to watch wild life

Your Safari

Season of Travel
Year of travel
Countries to visit
Accomodation level

One Safari Jeep holds up to six persons. As the costs for the Jeep are shared among all, your journey gets cheaper the more people are in one Jeep.

As for the lodges, a double room for two persons or double room for single usage is booked (additional cost).

There are two primary seasons: the dry season (Jun-Oct) and the wet season (Nov-May). Dry season is peak season for its abundance of wildlife, especially the time period from Sep-Oct, where the big wilderbeast migration hits the famous Mara crossing. Prices during dry season are higher and lodges are filling up quickly.

Depending on your preference you might also prefer the much quieter, cheaper and cooler wet season, especially Apr-May.

When planning a safari trip, it is recommended to consider your priorities, such as wildlife viewing, weather preferences, and budget, to determine the most suitable season for your visit.

Our jeeps are not crossing the border. Therefore, if you want to visit multiple countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, the jeep gets exchanged at the border. Popular is the combination of Kenya and Tanzania, to see all that Safari in East Africa has to offer, especially if you aim for Masai Mara.

If you focus on Tanzania alone, you avoid the additional charges for car exchange and still will experience extraordinary wildlife.

All our accomodations give you a pleasurable stay with all modern ammenities. Higher level lodges tend to have a better location in the wilderness and can bring the animals to your breakfast table.

To avoid long transfers with the Jeep, book a bush plane instead! Prices are from $260 und you get an unforgettable view over the Savanna.

Enrich your experience with an early morning hot air balloon ride, from $450 and majestically glide over the Serengeti.

Zanzibar, the dream destination in the Indian Ocean, is the perfect end for your unforgettable Safari. Relax on the magic beaches and recounter your Safari experiences.

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