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Tarangire National Park is a perfect, tranquil park in Northern Tanzania. It lies about 120 km South west of Arusha It is most acclaimed for its elephant migration, birding and other wildlife.

This National Safari Park is a little diamond on the Northern safari circuit, particularly if you adore elephants and baobab trees!

But predators are also well presented.

The majority of travelers to the region venture into the park for a glimpse of elephant migration. The park covers nearly ten times the size of Manyara National Park.

The game viewing is exceptional from July through October.

Being a little gem, Tarangire is the surprise package on the Northern circuit. Like the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire holds huge concentrations of animals.

From July through to October safari opportunities here are superb, and the atmosphere and habitats are completely different from other parks.

Tarangire is startlingly huge, giving visitors the gentle game viewing environment of all the parts in the region. The South of Tarangire is especially quiet, and lodges and Camps are the perfect place to explore this remote area, and offers incredible game viewing experience.

Overall, Tarangire is a superb little park presenting a great value compared to its neighbors and a seriously good option for safari enthusiast

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