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The most stunning park of Tanzania Serengeti National Park is an endless assortment of riches and synonymous with the African safari experience.

As Tanzania’s oldest, biggest, and most popular park, Serengeti embraces visitors in the natural wonders with its abundant wildlife, million wildebeest and zebras, stunning kopjes and huge populations of mammals and over 500 species of birds.

The UNESCO world heritage site the park spreads an area of 5,700 sq km and resembles a vast area of striking land.

Serengeti National Park is where safari-goers come to truly enjoy an authentic African safari. The park is featured on many National Geographic shows, for rich wildlife, dazzling sunrises and sunsets that make the heart go wild.

The main attraction that drives a safari lover to Serengeti is the annual great migration from the plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania to the grasslands of the Maasai Mara in Kenya in search of fresh grass.

The park consists of four regions :

Seronera Area

The huge concentration of wildlife and dense vegetation make the territory a wild paradise the year-round

Southern Plains - The treeless plains are easily accessible and marked by an abundance of hoofed animals. Most rewarding is the time from December to March as the herds are concentrated there.

Western Corridor- Home to the Grumeti River, the region is famed for hungry crocodiles lying in wait to feast on the migrating herds.

Northern Serengeti - The remote landscape is dominated by open woodlands hills and the best place to find elephants, giraffes, and dik-dik. Contact us for a great wildlife experience.

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