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Located in the tranquil shores of Lake Tanganyika, Mahale Mountain National Park is one of the most picturesque places in Tanzania.

Mahale claims one of the most excellent and matchless safari destinations on the continent because of harbouring a good number of chimpanzees.

Officially gazetted in 1985, the park covers an area of 1,613 sq km (623 sq miles).

This remote National Park also has one of the most beautiful camps anywhere in Africa, and offers a Tanzania safari experience to take your breath away. Not just a chimpanzee destination, gin clear freshwater of World’s longest, second deepest Lake Tanganyika also enhances the beauty of the park.

Mahale offers a good chance to make guided walks into the foothills for close and thrilling encounters with the world’s largest population of Pan troglodytes, otherwise known as chimpanzees, along with bonobos, fellow members of the genus Pan, are the closest relatives.

The main attraction of Mahale mountain national park is chimpanzee trekking, but except chimpanzees Mahale offers so much more as well. Other primates and different colorful birds are also part of Mahale’s ecosystem.

The park sits in a truly beautiful and incredibly remote location. Just taking a stroll on the shoreline of Tanganyika is spectacular. You can go kayaking, snorkelling or fish out on the lake. Almost 1000 different species of fish can be found in the lake. Spending hours walking through the forest, spotting other smaller primates, plenty of birds or climbing through narrow tracks to discover hidden waterfalls are really amazing.

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