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Gombe Stream

Located 20 km north of Kigoma on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika and covering 52 sq km, Gombe Stream National Park is the smallest national park in Tanzania.

This is the place where Jane Goodall conducted her years of chimp research. Over 50 years ago, she began her research here, and the legacy of scientific discovery continues to this day.

Before Jane’s research in Gombe, it was thought humans were the only individuals on the planet who use tools to do work.

Gombe has been the hub of revolutionary research ever since, led by the Jane Goodall Institute who focuses on chimpanzees, conservation and community. Gombe offers stunning scenery.

Almost 16 valleys, lush green forest and lake-shore contribute their share to enhance the beauty of the Park.

Gombe National Park is home to the most number of chimpanzee population living in the wild. The unique ecosystem of Gombe harbours different other creatures including vervet monkeys, beachcomber olive baboons and red tailed monkeys. Visitors can encounter these incredible primates in a walking safari through the forest.

Other animals like bushbucks and bush pigs can also be seen strolling in the forest. In addition to this 200 different types of birds are also recorded. The most common are palm nut vultures, tropical boubous, fish eagles, and trumpeter hornbills. The clear water is home to over 100 cliched species and hippos.

As the park succeeds as a small, isolated ecosystem surrounded by distinct boundaries, Lake Tanganyika and the Rift Valley Escarpment, the visitors will find some steep and reasonably challenging hikes and walks. So before embarking on the trip it’s recommended to consider the level of fitness. Want to hang out with Gombe chimps? Contact us and learn about the habits of creatures who share 98% of our DNA.

Gombe Stream National Park can be reached onlyby boat from Kigoma town. The boat trip will take only one hour to reach the park.

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